Loan money for tires – Loans for new winter or year-round tires

Do you need a loan for new tires? It can be expensive to replace the car’s wheels, at least if it needs to be repaired at the workshop. The price can quickly rise to many thousands of dollars.

If your finances are having a hard time carrying the tire change, you have the option of applying for winter or full-year tire loans online. In fact, the purpose is not of great importance to your opportunities when applying online.

The providers are more focused on your income and age

The providers are more focused on your income and age

If you are over 18, out of RKI and with an annual income over USD 150,000, you will have good chances to get your loan application approved.

On the net you can borrow anywhere from USD 3,000 to 350,000 and that should be enough to be able to finance all types of tires. You can see more about prices for winter, all year and summer tires in the article.

Good Finance helps you get started by referring you to leading mortgage companies online so you can quickly get an overview and thereby lend money to tires with a reasonable interest rate.

Loan for winter tires

Loan for winter tires

In fact, if you lack funding for new tires, it doesn’t really matter what type. It may be that your whole-year tires need replacing or that you have to have winter tires on the car before taking a ski vacation.

Whatever the case, the tires are an important part of the car’s safety and especially in winter, it is only recommended to get winter tires on the car. The 5,000 – 10,000 USD it costs to get the change is small money, for your safety.

Loans for winter tires are relatively easy to make online, where no questions are asked for the purpose. You’re not in the bank. You are online where the providers do everything to make the process as fast and easy as possible.

This means that you will almost always get a response to your loan application on the same day and if you approve, the money can quickly be in the account.

Good Finance has made a good list of providers where you can see their loan amounts, age requirements and OPP. It gives you a really good starting point when you need to find the cheapest loan for new winter tires or all year tires.

Prices for new tires

Prices for new tires

Obviously, tire prices have a significant impact on your money needs. Good Finance has therefore investigated the market, to find the price level. According to bank we have found some of the lowest and highest prices. It should be mentioned that a change in the workshop can quickly make it a significantly more expensive experience.

Therefore, you may want to consider whether you will be able to change them yourself to save money.

  • Winter tires : 344 – 878 USD. PCS.
  • All-year tires : USD 462 – 1004 per tire. PCS.
  • Summer tires : 367 – 1332 USD. PCS.

They are always known for the high quality.

Typically, the lowest tire prices are on the cheap brands on the market. It is worth spending an extra 100-150 USD, for a better quality and durability. In the long run, it can quickly prove to be a cheaper and better solution.

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