Loans for geothermal heating

Geothermal heat is very popular with many Danes and it is quite natural. It is considered one of the leading forms of heating for the future.

The main disadvantage of geothermal heating is actually that it is very expensive to get installed and makes certain demands on the home. You need a free space, usually a garden, and a well insulated home.

It is a great investment to get started and for many Danes it will require a loan for geothermal heat. We take a closer look at your options and the benefits you will enjoy.

Need funding for geothermal plants?

Need funding for geothermal plants?

Do you need financing for geothermal plants like everyone else? Let’s start by looking at the expected costs. A new geothermal insert will cost from 100-150,000 dollars, depending on the model and size of the house.

This is the money most people have in the account and here it can make good sense to take out a loan. Alone on the basis of the savings you can make on the heating bill. Good Finance will recommend you split the funding process into two parts:

  1. Your dialogue with the bank
  2. Your dialogue / applications with loan companies online

It is important to keep in mind 2 things. It is free to apply and you can never be sure of being approved. Therefore, you should not limit your options too quickly.

Start by calling the bank and setting up a meeting. Here you will need to send / bring documentation on salary, budget and your finances. It may well be a lengthy process, so also explore your options online.

You can do this easily and quickly by searching with 2-3 providers to get loan offers back. It will make you aware of your options and you are ready to respond to the bank’s response. Whether it becomes a YES or NO.

Is geothermal heat right for you?

Is geothermal heat right for you?

It is important that you are absolutely sure that geothermal heating is the right and most optimal solution for you. It depends on several different factors.

You can’t just say that ground heating systems are the best, or second best. The right type of heating will be individual depending on where you live, what house you have and what you are currently using.

So if you haven’t already talked to an expert in the field, you should definitely do so before spending over 100,000 on the rescheduling. Initially you can read a lot of relevant facts about geothermal heat here.

In short, soil heat acts via heat hoses that are dug into the soil and collect the heat of the soil layers. That energy goes from the hose into the house’s heat pump, which emits heat in the form of a compressor. The most common alternatives will be district heating, gas and oil stoves.

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