Loan money for new driver’s license

Loan money for new driver’s license

Need to borrow money for your new driver’s license? Then you can get good advice on this site and get started. You will have several loan options to choose from and we highlight here the best and most obvious. The two primary options are the loan companies online and financing through the driving school.

Find out more about what you should choose and get started easily applying for a new driver’s license online.

Loan for a new driver’s license

Loan for a new driver

If you are looking for a loan for a new driver’s license, you should focus on two options. Internet providers and the traffic school, which often offer financing solutions.


Online will definitely be the quickest and easiest way for extra money. And then applying online is completely free and without obligation.

Many loan companies offer attractive interest rates that can easily turn out to be lower than those of the traffic school. So even if you are applying for a loan at the driving school, you should always fill out a few applications online. So you are sure to make the cheapest driver’s license loan.

At the traffic school

It is common practice for traffic schools to offer their clients financing. Both the Experts’ Traffic School, the Traffic Schools and the City Traffic School offer driver’s license loans, but this is done through the same provider.

But as several comparison sites will show, Good Finance is definitely NOT the cheapest loan provider on the market.

It is completely free, non-binding and will give you better options for low interest rates and a lower yield (less cost).

Prices on small and large driver’s license

Prices on small and large driver

The prices of driver’s licenses always vary a lot depending on which vehicle you need to learn to drive. Add to that the traffic school prices and your need for extra hours along the way.

We have nevertheless tried to give you an insight into the current prices on small and large driver’s licenses, so you have a better impression. Because it is important to know the expected costs so that you know exactly what loan amounts you need.

  • Driver’s license for car – price of USD 8,000 – 12,000
  • Motorcycle license – price of approx. 9,000 USD.
  • Driving license for trailer (B / E) – price of approx. 4,000 USD.
  • Driving license for truck – price of approx. 12,500 USD.
  • Driving license for trailer – price of approx. 13,100 USD.
  • Bus driving license – price approx. 13,500 USD.

We hope our overview has given you a better insight into the prices you should expect, so you know how much money you need to borrow for small / large driving licenses in order to finance it.

Important tips and pointers

Important tips and pointers

So what have we learned from this article? Here are the key tips and pointers to take with you in your quest for a good loan:

  • Search for 3-5 loan companies online – it’s free, fast and offers better options for cheap loans.
  • The traffic schools offer loans through Good Finance, which is not the cheapest provider on the market!
  • Once you have completed applications online, compare and choose the lowest APR.

Good wind with the driver’s license – we’re cheering you on!

Stephanie Ramos